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Smart cleaning

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Smart Cleaning is the single best way to manage a reduced building services budget without throwing your building’s maintenance into a downward spiral.

With Smart Cleaning, your cleaning spec becomes need-focused rather than just a standard laundry list of cleaning tasks. In the hands of an inexperienced or careless cleaning company it will just look like a cleaning company doing less and your facility needs being ignored. Likewise, if a janitorial company isn’t equipped with adequate training and the systems to make Smart Cleaning work, it won’t.

Smart Cleaning requires thought, planning and a solid system. Without these crucial elements, it is unavoidable that the wrong things are often left undone, there are no targets or predictability in place and little to no accountability from your cleaning company.

Smart Cleaning is NOT just doing less, it’s about a strategic shift in services that eliminates redundancies and spreads out work in a way that maximizes your cleaning. The most important element of Smart Cleaning is the communication between you and your janitorial company regarding your building and what you need and then how they communicate that to the people cleaning your facility through training and management.

We have the training to understand the usage of the facility maintained and how to identify essential services and continually adjust their cleaning to meet your facility’s needs.

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