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Wealth Management

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Each investment strategy is actively managed by us and has its own risk profile in order to meet your investment goals. Our strategies have an ‘Income’ option where you could benefit from potential long-term capital growth and regular income. We’ll create a bespoke investment strategy and actively manage your portfolio, keeping you and your advisers up to date with our actions and changes. Portfolios can be held in many different investment structures, some of which are advantageous tax-wise. Our investment advisers will help you choose the most suitable structure.

We offer LCAM Prime Investment Management for clients with £5m or more to invest. A dedicated senior Investment Manager, with access to family office services and private banking facilities, will provide first-class client engagement and services.

This highly bespoke package consists of:

Entry level of £5m or currency equivalent 
Investment strategies with different levels of risk and expected return, with substantial tailoring if required 
Active and Passive investment strategies 
Growth and Income options 
A dedicated senior Investment Manager and Shadow Manager 

  • Family Office services 
  • Private banking services 
  • Direct access to the Client Services team 
  • Onshore or offshore custody 
  • Quarterly reporting, monthly if appropriate 
  • Transaction reporting 
  • Tax pack at financial year end if requested 
  • Regular meetings at your request 
  • Online valuations

LCAM Wealth Management is a personalised, adaptable portfolio management service for clients with £250,000 or more to invest. You will have a dedicated Investment Manager, and direct access to our Client Services team.

The service consists of:

• Entry level of £250,000 or currency equivalent
• Active and Passive investment strategies
• A dedicated Investment Manager and Shadow Manager
• Direct access to our Client Services team
• Onshore or offshore custody
• Quarterly or six-monthly reporting
• Transaction reporting
• Tax pack at financial year end
• Regular meetings with your Investment Manager
• Online valuations

  • The Company

    London Capital Asset Management provide bespoke investment strategies to suit your needs. Our expert knowledge and understanding of market trends enable us to identify worthwhile investment opportunities, both commercial and residential.
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    Address: 43 Brook Street, Mayfair,
    London W1K 4HJ
    Telephone: +44 207 754 9196