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Professional Introducers

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A vital component of providing a truly personal service for you, the client, is building a quality relationship – not just with you, but with your other professional advisers. We work closely alongside advisers both in the UK and abroad. In fact, most of our clients are brought to us by their existing esteemed professional advisory.
More and more financial advisers are realizing that to provide their clients with an excellent investment management service, they must partner with a specialist asset management firm. We appreciate that advisers want to keep their ‘trusted adviser’ role and we know that the clients need a fully dedicated service so we offer a flexible approach to guarantee the best service for both of them.
Partnership terms:

We have a highly experienced management team that is responsible for client portfolios. The management team, led by one of our senior managers, advises on asset allocation strategies, constructing portfolios and implementing everyday investment decisions across the client portfolios. The portfolio management team works alongside the advisers to guarantee that investment strategies for each client change to adapt to changing circumstances. The team also has a client service support member to answer any administrative questions and provide valuation reports when requested.

We provide long-term support with online valuations, regular seminars and training sessions on all aspects of our business together with regular updates on our global investment policy.
We know that professional advisers work steadily to maintain the quality service their clients expect. Our aim is to help you achieve this by ensuring that the service we provide you and your client exceed your expectations.

Our services to you:

We see our role as complementing and serving you, as demonstrated by our lack of involvement in general financial planning. Since we really respect the client’s relationship with you all our actions are made consequentially to this primary relationship. For example, our periodic reporting will be only through your firm. We will never approach clients directly without your approval. Our meetings with clients always include you as their lead trusted adviser.

We will update you on everything that we do for your clients, including but not limited to:
• Copies (or originals, if appropriate) of all correspondence
• Copy reporting – available in hard copy and/or on CD-ROM
• Internet access to current valuations of your clients’ portfolios
• Access to your client’s portfolios through the iPhone and iPad.
* Remuneration

We normally discuss remuneration of professional advisers in detail at the outset. Where appropriate, and where required by the adviser, we can include an introductory commission as well as ongoing renewal fees. The defining feature of our work is flexibility, coupled with a clear and competitive pricing formula that your clients understand. Renewal fees are normally paid to professional advisers as a one off, or monthly, or quarterly, depending on your preference and terms of agreement.

If you would like to have more information about how we work, please contact us.

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    London Capital Asset Management provide bespoke investment strategies to suit your needs. Our expert knowledge and understanding of market trends enable us to identify worthwhile investment opportunities, both commercial and residential.
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