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Asset & Portfolio Management

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LCAM maximize revenues on investments through our expert strategic management programs. We take an “asset management” approach, supporting the clients’ financial and operational goals.

Asset management is the maintaining and development of valued assets for an entity or a group. This may apply to both tangible and intangible assets. It consists of a systematic and researched process of deploying, operating, preserving, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. We provide knowledge, insight and advice into areas such as building operations, tenant relations and financial management, as well as energy/sustainability planning, EH&S (environmental health and safety), security, emergency planning, and project management.

We work with investors and owner-occupiers who aim to reach and expand the financial potential of their property.

Our expertise and experience can help you in developing solutions across the entire asset lifecycle:

You can maximize on your assets from the acquisition point, management operations, and eventual sale or re-finance. Doing this requires us, as a Property/Asset Manager to incorporate purchase, diligence, management, leasing, construction, sale and recapitalization. We enhance an investment’s value by increasing revenue, minimizing expenses, and maximizing an asset’s value.

How can we help you?

Our market-leading global network, enables you access to hands-on management professionals who understand local and international markets.

LCAM is a (top of the range) leader, full-service provider to investors across the ownership life cycle. We provide integrated services customized to the individual client’s needs in a discretionary delivery plan. This includes the cooperation of leasing and management services as well as acquisition, planning, building, marketing and sales, or refinance expertise. As managers, we strive to increase asset value by ensuring stable tenancy through a tenant-monitoring retention program. In this program, we aim to reduce lost rent, commissions and tenant improvement expenditures. LCAM prides himself to have found only high-credit tenants so far, we create optimal lease terms, whilst managing lease expiration to minimize empty space. We examine all expense categories, from taxes, utilities, vendor contacts, staffing to capital projects. We help you determine or recommend a course of action, with the help of our national discount program to help control these different expenses.

With LCAM being an international firm, we can offer you complements of leasing, management, acquisition, surveying, valuations, planning, marketing & sales, and other services, provided to through a personalized, flexible plan. Our approach is centered around you, the client, so we can create and deliver the right solution, whether you need one or multiple services.

At LCAM, we direct our all our energies on increasing the value of your asset. Our personalized plans, by raising income to improve cash flow, reducing expenses, and improving the capitalization rate, will maximize the value of your property.

Our clients are very fond and satisfied with our staff and it’s easy to see why. They’re bright, strategic, and prepared. Not only that, but they have a wealth of experience, enabling them to offer solid and effective judgement daily. Our high-class technology and processes only adds to their effectiveness.

LCAM has helped clients realize their financial goals since 2006. For almost 8 years, we have led the world of managing and maintaining property investments.

In the UK, LCAM’s managers gather suitable experts for each assignment, including specialists from our range of in-house resources.

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  • The Company

    London Capital Asset Management provide bespoke investment strategies to suit your needs. Our expert knowledge and understanding of market trends enable us to identify worthwhile investment opportunities, both commercial and residential.
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    Address: 43 Brook Street, Mayfair,
    London W1K 4HJ
    Telephone: +44 207 754 9196