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Family Office

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Significant wealth brings with it many opportunities to enjoy a lifestyle that is independent, self-directed and secure. Yet, great wealth is also typically accompanied with complexity, risk and highly interdependent issues. Our clients have worked hard to create wealth for their family and for future generations. Through Private Wealth Solutions we help them establish a strong foundation to protect their legacy.

We provide comprehensive wealth planning solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients and their families worldwide.

We have experts in international and domestic wealth planning who examine personal situations and assist in creating ways to safeguard our client’s affairs. Our wealth planners are specialists qualified in law, accounting and who work to ensure that the financial and legal structures have a truly global perspective. Which is why we are expertly positioned to help manage and protect and transfer our client’s wealth to future generations. We help take care of their wealth planning needs whilst giving them greater peace of mind. Our Family Office unit specialises in the following:

  • Discrete service when required
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Will writing and estate administration services
  • Trust administration and fiduciary services
  • Private investment companies and funds
  • Charitable foundations and trusts
  • Insurance
  • Family governance advisory
  • Business succession planning
  • Philanthropy advisory
  • Full time Concierge Service

Our team will also assist you in navigating the myriad activities, decisions and professional relationships necessary to safeguard and grow your wealth. Our services are dedicated for families or HNWI with £10m plus liquid assets.

If you are evaluating the merits of establishing your own private family office, retaining a multi-family office or pursuing elements of both approaches, we have the experience, knowledge and domain expertise to assist you in identifying the most appropriate structure. If you already have established your own family office, we partner and collaborate well with your existing team and advisors. You can select from our broad range of services to augment or enhance your current capabilities. Contact us to discuss further details

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    London Capital Asset Management provide bespoke investment strategies to suit your needs. Our expert knowledge and understanding of market trends enable us to identify worthwhile investment opportunities, both commercial and residential.
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