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Deep Cleaning

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LCAM provide commercial and industrial deep cleaning service for kitchens, washrooms, communal areas, walkways and all areas within a commercial or public sector building. This service is also available to housing associations, commercial property management companies and commercial lettings agents.

Floors and walls can be cleaned thoroughly as a one-off clean or as part of a regular maintenance package. This includes the use of specialist deep steam cleaning equipment. These deep cleaning services can also be combined with a range of other integrated environmental services including graffiti removal and preventive commercial pest control.

Hospital deep cleaning services can be combined with a regular clinical and medical waste disposal service.

This commercial deep cleaning service is available throughout the UK, at intervals to suit your organisations needs. Services are scheduled to avoid peak time of operations.

Our deep cleaning service technique and product selection is designed to minimise disruption of trade allowing you to carry on with business as usual. This in turn reduces any financial loses to your business.

    • * Commercial Kitchens Deep Cleans
    • * Hospital Deep Cleaning
    • * Void House and Drug Paraphenalia Cleaning
    • * Squat Cleaning
    • * Flooring Deep Steam Cleaning
    • * Washroom and Toilets Deep Cleaning

“Really good service. No nonsense team show and and get on with it. Squatters completely trashed our client’s 18,000sqft building. Now its looking new.”
– Rachel Snow. Monrow Asset Management.

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